Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rough week.

Today has been a Good Day :) but this WEEK has been SO ROUGH! let's start on last Friday :) Friday was a LOT OF PAIN! then Saturday Was Good :) I was out with dad and then at home :) SUNDAY, Easter The day the Lord Jesus ROSE! :D With my CRAZY Cousins and GREAT BBQ and hitting a pinata it was SO MUCH,FUN! :) and then we went to my Other Grandma's house :) But was I napping in between eating and hitting a pinata! :) LOL! then Monday So my Mom and I went to Get my Brother's Birthday Gift :) and my little cousin's on the other side of town So we were Driving Home then My Dad call's and tells My Mom, my Uncle Died. :O I was in SHOCK! :O. He was getting ready for Easter and they shocked he wasn't with his Family on Easter but he died of Friday and they found him on Monday, he Lived alone :

It was Hard for my family. Then Monday I saw my Whole family but Miss I have JRA fell asleep. So I slept thought it all :O My Family is like are you ok?? I'm just in a lot of pain, well, they know :) my Brother Paul's Birthday was on Wednesday but they were having my Uncle's Service that Night So we had his Birthday Party on Tuesday! :) It was GREAT! we all kinda forgot about it for a while. Just my Grandma started crying for my Uncle:(. My Uncle is her Brother. So then we all said bye, then on Wednesday, my Brothers and I stayed home because I could Barely walk so we didn't go. I wanted to but it was just a Moment were I didn't like having JRA :( Then on Thursday, I was babysitting my Cousins with my brothers and Mom and everyone went to the Funeral, I didn't mind,I still had a lot of pain, then my cousins were CRAZY! :) HAHA! then yesterday Friday My Cousin Vicki had a Surgery So my Dad went we were babysitting her kids and my other cousin who went to the Hospital to :) she came out Ok. just she has a lot of pain. SO Please Pray for her. :) I was in a lot of pain but my Pain pills where helping So I was with my Cousins more and we were singing along to Justin Bieber and dancing around! :) I felt a little Normal! :)It was SO FUNNY! :) my Cousin's are SO CUTE! :) they are 4,3,2 and 10 months. I'm making them Fans of HIM! :) HAHA! next I'm going to make them Like Tobymac and the Beatles. :) Then I was in bed and napping for a while :) All week and in between,I have been sleeping a lot! So this Morning was GOOD :) I was up with Dad, and we were trashing talk! our fav teams play today! mine! Real Madrid and his Team Barca :) HAHA! it's going to be a GREAT game! :D It's today at 3:00 Texas time! :) HAHA! Just all week, I feel So bad! like dizzy and sleepy and sick like. it's everything I guess! So It seems like my Meds aren't HELPING! :( So I'm looking up more but some I can't take till I'm 21, I have 3 more years! :
So TELL ME! your meds please! :) I'll Give you a Shout out on my BLOG! :D
My Side affects from my meds are getting to me to! I got GROUNDED this week for fighting with My mom! I don't even remember why! I just did, :O. she knows it's my meds because I'm not like that! But I don't mind, I did wrong. I have mood swings, I guess :\. So yeah, this has been a ROUGH and TOUGH WEEK! for me and my family! please pray for my whole family please! My Aunts and Grandma are taking it hard :( I didn't see him that much but still!! I knew him more when I was Younger. So on twitter JRAPeeps are GROWING a LOT! :) We are so close to 300 followers! :) AWESOME! :D So I hope to blog again today!:) But I'm really sleepy and haven't been sleeping good because of the pain :\


and Have a GREAT weekend! :)

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