Thursday, April 22, 2010

Not myself today

SO Sorry, I have been SO BUSY! FAST recap because I don't feel SO good :(  Tuesday,My Doctor Put me on a New Med because my Insurance wouldn't pay for the other one. So I took it and It had real bad effect me,I was Really Moody and Hungary and Sweaty. Wired Huh?? I felt like a FREAK! My Family was Really Worried about me So We called the Doctor and told me to stop it But I ended up Going over there because,I needed my enbrel shot and No one would pay for it my Insurance and enbrel so they are fighting right now! lol :O No one wants to pay. last night was bad, I couldn't sleep and I had a migraine So BAD :(  Anyway, so that was Tuesday. this was yesterday I still have migraines SO BAD :( I feel Like vomiting. :( I hate THEM! I went to see my Main doctor she wants me to see Another Doctor for my nerves. :/ Plus a counselor, To deal with my Pain and JRA I think, she is right. I'm just really down, maybe she sees that. Mom Thinks I should to :) So then I went to the Pool with Mom it was fun.. :) Then McDonalds, then twitter chatting with my Friends all over, LOVE IT! and then a nap... then dinner then I was in bed because of my Headache and then I fell asleep :( Then Today, was ok, I was at home all day with my Cousins and brothers and Mom. Then I made dinner. It was good to cook! :) I haven't cooked in while it felt So GOOD! :)  Then I was resting and then It was the Finale of Project runway! My Mom and I were watching it, my Fav Designer won! :D YAY! I love his Fashion Sense :D HAHA! I Hope to be on there Someday! After I get better :) So I am now back my Other Med. My Doctor's will try to help me pay for it. So that's Good for now. This week is Fiesta Here in my City. Well, I wasn't planning to go, Just stay home with Grandma and Grandpa, And everyone else goes well, our car has to be checked out So they aren't going :( I just feel a little sad. I wanted my Family to have fun but now they can't. So Please pray for Car. :) Thanks! right now I have headache So I can't think! :/ anyway, I hope to blog more tomorrow! :D Love y'all! 
-Pamela <3 

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