Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Day

So SORRY!! I didn't post Yesterday! I got SO tried and was in Bed. So today is wednesday :) WHOOO HOO!! :) I said WHOO yesterday on twitter and my Friend Denise Goes you said it wrong! Oops! I'm SO OLD! she's 12 and I'm 18! LOL! HAHA! nothing really happend yesterday.
I woke up late and was resting on twitter and playing Games :) and then I went to the Dollar Store! LOVE IT! :) then SUBWAY! By the way! The 5 dollar footlong is over, my Friend there told me before I orded! THANK GOD She did! or it would have been 7 Dollars. LOL! then wal-mart, MAN,you would have though The end of the world was HAPPING!! It was So packed! sometimes it is but in wednesday?? it has to be Easter. :) Then Home cleaning my room and picing up here and there and resting some pain,then PIZZA for Dinner! :D then I was In bed, my Hips hurt So MUCH! :| Then we saw the movie Amish Grace, GREAT MOVIE! about Forgiving and Fath, see it if you can! :D it's on LMN. :) Such a touching movie!
It was Good TO have some family Time with Mama and Daddy and My brothers :) Tomorrow I'm posting My friend's Interview! :) I hope you like it! :)
Blog more tomorrow!
And Good Night and God BLESS! <3

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