Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Long week

So I have Been SO BUSY this week, again a Fast recap, Our van was in shop it's still not fixed SO PRAY for us please! Doctors got all my meds together for now, :) Now I'm going to see the other Doctor is Houston soon So PRAY it goes well :) This week has been rough, rough as in Getting back on 2 meds and in PAIN and just SO MUCH! It's getting hard again to live with this, JRA. :( The pain is getting worser is feels. Anyway!! I have been hanging out with my little Cousins they make me LAUGH! So laugher is the best med And I have been making stuff like a massager bag and some bracelets. So on twitter JRAPeeps is at 300 followers! YAY! and on my own twitter, I have 600+followers!! People tell me, they like my Life, I'm REAL! HAHA! Well, Thanks! It's kinda cool. People want to follow me get better. So right now I'm watching TV and resting. But I'm in a LOT of pain. I'm kinda happy because this week was tough but then AWESOME! on Monday! My FAV singer from a Band named big time rush, Carlos Pena. REPLIED to me on twitter!! I was yelling, like a MAD WOMEN!! It meant So MUCH to me! I asked him if he liked my pic on twitter and he said love it. :D and then The JONAS BROTHERS are COMING!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! So HAPPY! It I have a better attitude I can go! It not my fault my meds make me moody, I'm trying SO PRAY! I keep my attitude in check. I really want to go! But Only if God and my JRA let's me! LOL! So I have been in bed and resting... So i'll post more on Friday, LOVE YOU ALL! :D  God Bless!

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