Wednesday, April 14, 2010

life is blessed

Yesterday was SO BUSY! I was feeling really bad, So I didn't go to the Hospital For my Grandma, So I stayed Home. She came out FINE :) They said her Heart Looked GREAT :D anyway, I was in bed then I needed my Enbrel shot So I went to the Doctor's and I got it then came home. It was a really Restful day, Today wasn't. I was REALLY BAD! in Bed and home, I went Out with Mama and we got some coffee :) and got something to eat and Mom got me some walnuts :) SO GOOD, they help inflammation. and then a NAP :) then dinner and I was just on the Arthritis foundation Forum. I have been in a better mood Lately. :) My Mom and Dad are really worried about me, not getting better. I am to, sometimes I feel Like I'm in a daze Like I'll wake up and feel Better! I hope, I do get better But I need to Wake up and Say this is my life, and I'll live with it :) and I am! :) I have been Feeling like a Normal Teen lately like YELLING at my TV when Justin Bieber comes on TV or Playing with My cousins or acting goofy with my Friends and my Cousins and My brothers and my Mom :) Maybe I may not see i'm getting better But I'm learning to live with this BIG thing I have to carry on my Back. My Pain is just NOT going away! It's KILLING me! Like Right now, My Back is like on fire! anyway, on twitter it's been good, Just everyone is busy. JRAPeeps has been on the back burn right now because I'm going to the Doctor's and in bed. So Next Week I hope to call some Places and call some people back. on Monday's Post I was talking about the Enbrel I take the 50 mg one and the sureclick one, I take it once a week, and I put the shot Myself, Just to let you all know :)  
Oh yeah, Justin Bieber is on tour So when he comes, I can go! :) I was going to go the Jonas Brothers but I don't know. :) I don'r have that much money But I'm just dreaming, I may get the tickets but my JRA maybe bad that day SO I'm just hoping! :)
Going to bed,my BACK hurts a LOT! :O 
Talk to you all LATER! LOVE you all! 
God Bless

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