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interview with GREAT Friend! :D

My GREAT friend on Twitter is @amazingJoeJ AKA My Bestie Brianna and she has JRA like me! So we talk whenever we have time! we both
Love life,School, Family, friends, twitter and Jonas Brothers. So I asked her If Should could be the first Person I interview and she said YES! :D YAY! LOL! So I emailed her the Q's since she lives somewhere else and me in Texas.

Me -Hi,Brianna! how old where you when you got JRA??

Brianna- I was 8 when I got JRA. I went to tons of doctors as a kid because of the pain I always felt but none of the doctors ever found out what it was and how to help me and relieve my pain. It took me 4 years till I was finally able to get a real doctor at childrens hospital (which we were always trying to do). There the rhemutologist finally diagnosed me with JRA at the age of 12.

ME- And do you remeber how it felt,the pain??

Brianna- I definately remember the pain. It has definately gotten way better than when I was younger. I remember once on my 10th birthday I couldn't even walk or play on my birthday. It was pretty sad for me especially cause no one truely understood why I was feeling this pain or what was wrong with me. I guess you can say that because I had to suffer through the horrible pain for so many years without a diagnoses I kind of was forced to get "used to" the pain.

Me- So How has having JRA Changed your Life???

Brianna- I try not to complain about my JRA "changing" my life but it did effect my "childhood" because I was not able to enjoy all the kid activities like tag and playing sports and just running around like a real kid. That kinda is the reason that even though I'm 14 I really act like a kid and have as much fun as possible while I still somewhat can. However JRA has also made me a stronger and more sympathetic person. I was able to learn about JRA and I hope to encourage others who have JRA to live their life even with JRA.

Me- Do your friends understand what JRA is??

Brianna- Some of my friends still aren't fully clear on what JRA does and how it effects me but they do care about me and try to help and learn as much as possible. In return I try to teach them and inform them in what I feel and what I'm goin through as far as my JRA conditions. Overall they are great people who protect me and help me when they know I'm hurting.

Me- So How did you feel about meeting other people with JRA?? like Myself

Brianna- I love meeting new people with JRA. Unfortunately I have not been able to meet too many peeps with JRA. I have really enjoyed talking to you especially, Pam. I love being able to open up to you and relate to you so much! I enjoy the moments I have to talk to you. Even if I haven't met you in person I know that you are a great person who has gone through the same thing I have and expirienced the same pain and have been inspired by the same people. I can't wait to meet new people with JRA who will inspire me because you have inspired me too.

Me- What are your dreams in the future???

Brianna- In the future as far as a career, Im not too sure. I'm still pretty young but I love to write. As long as what I am writing is "real" to me then I will definately write about it! Maybe I will write movies, books, tv shows, or even songs. I would also like to get more involved with JRA, i'm not to sure how but I believe I will figure it out. And also I know it's not very realistic but I had to say this: I would also like to meet and really get to hang out with/ get to really know my inspiration and my heroes , the Jonas brothers. =D

Me- if you didn't have JRA would your life still be the same you think???

Braiannna- I honestly think that if I didn't have JRA my life would be alot more dull and boring. It's kind of weird but I got to do a lot for JRA including this survey which is awsome! I got to meet great people and relate to new people (including my heroes) because of my JRA. I might be more active without my JRA as far as sports. But I feel that my life is better even if I have to "suffer" with JRA, it makes me stronger.

Me- what would you like to tell people who don't have JRA???

Brianna- For people who don't have JRA I would say that JRA is a serious disease that needs a cure. They should really think about trying to help us find a cure. I would also say to live your life to the fullest and always be thankful for what you have and what life may bring to you. Also I would say what one of inspirations said several times in the past : "you don't know what you got till it's gone" and "never ever let anything slow you down" "Live your life with optimism, Live your life knowing that your potential is more than you can comprehend for yourself."

Me- Do you like to do Sports??

Brianna- I love sports! Basketball has been my passion since I was 6. My JRA has restricted my ability to play on an official team or in a league but I try my best each day and practice as hard as I can because when I finally go in remission I want to be prepared. Basketball has been the only thing that I was truely good at so when I have the chance I always try to play and show my full potential. I usually hurt after I play buti never hurt during. I hope to be a great basketball inspiration to many, one day.

Me- Who are your Hero's???

Brianna- My heroes are three brothers, the Jonas brothers. These boys have helped me through so much. They may be huge stars now but I still remember when they were those three crazy kids from new jersey. They first served as a great inspiration to me because of how hard they worked to get to where they are today. Nothing was ever handed to them, they had to suffer through many ups and downs as they were first starting out. They also had many points in their career where they were at the bottom, the lowest of the low; they were in debt, they were broke, they could have just givin up right there and then.... But they didn't! They kept working, they truely believed they could make it and they knew that they loved to play their music tooo much to just let go of their dreams. They persevered and made it to the top. Not only did they never give up but they also never gloated, they were always modest boys. They could have gotten cocky and started abusing their fame and
fortune. They could have started to become bad influences to their children fans by expressing inappropriate behavior but ofcourse they didn't. They spent more time on their fans than any personal relationships. JB didn't abuse their fortune or fame, they used it for good causes such as their charity and foundations. They knew they could never dissappoint a fan, no matter how old they were. The last thing I will mention about my heroes is that Nicholas Jonas was diagnosed with diabetes around the same time I was diagnosed with JRA. Although his diagnosis was more sudden we both went through similar things. We went through the question "am I going to die?" and the tough answer "no, but this is something you are going to have to manage for the rest of your life.." We went through the confusion "what did I do to deserve this?!?" and the acception instead of "why mee???" it was "why not me?" We also had to be informed of what exactly our disease is and
how to manage/control it. Our situations were so similar that I can truely relate to what he says when it comes to song lyrics and his incredible speeches. He has inspired me to never ever let JRA slow me down or stop me from doing what I love.

Me- Do you like to Help JRAPeeps?? :)

Brianna- I love to do whatever I can to help my JRAPeeps! I try as much as possible to go on and hopefully meet some new people that I can relate to with my JRA. I enjoy hearing other peoples stories. Although we may have the same disease it is amazing to me that every single JRAPeep has to have their own story. They each had their ups and downs, their stories inspire me. Some stories are sadder than others but it's great how we can all come together like a family for comfort and understanding. We learn that together we are stronger.

Me- I have knowed you for a while and you told me why you love the Jonas brothers, can you tell our Readers?? a little what you told me??

Brianna- As any other Jonas fan can tell you, there are a million reasons to love the Jonas brothers. It's hard to explain to others how much these three boys have inspired me. I can tell you that from the first moment I saw them I fell in love with them just like any kid would fall in love with a teen band. However, the Jonas boys were special; some bands' popularity dies off as time progresses or they do something stupid to mess up their fame but not JB. They were "good boys" from the start which made them such good influences. Their music also kept me very intrested. Their music was new and pure, some were cute songs and then there were the ones that truely spoke to you and had a message to send to others. Their looks pulled me in, their music kept me intrested, but what kept me a Jonas fan forever was their personalities. Each one is their own person, they are REAL people, they don't try to be someone they're not, they know who they are and they wouldn't
change for anyone. That is really inspiring nowadays because you can never know if any of these celebs are "real." Nick Jonas is an obvious inspiration for me and my JRA but I don't think others realize that it's all three of them. Nick is the one that suffered but little people realize that it was Joe who actually pointed it out. Kevin and Joe are just as important to me as Nick because they helped Nick overcome his nerves. Your family are the ones that support you.

I loved Talking to Brianna Because, I think She's More Upbeat then me! :D and she's So young 14! she dreams the Same do I do! That JRA would get a CURE! :D That Why I made JRAPeeps! to have a CURE! she's also one of my Co-owners on there! :)

If Y'all want to talk to Brianna,Just ask and I can give you her email. :)
she's So SWEET! :)

Blog more Later!
Pamela! <3

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