Monday, April 12, 2010


Today has Seemed to be a GREAT DAY! :D I woke up late :) Some pain but ok :) then I called Some Doctor's around Texas, And My Doctor is Houston Told me I have a App soon So I'm going that Day with Mom and Dad. Then I needed more enbrel and I called my Doctor here and they were going to Give me more Samples But told me to call enbrel and see if they could help me and they SAID YES!! :D I'm SO HAPPY! such a LOAD off my Mom and Dad :) Then I called The Doctor's to call it in and he did :) I have the BEST Doctor's :) Then I was on twitter and  the AF (Arthritis Foundation) site. then resting and helping taking care of my Cousins :) and then I fell asleep and Woke up and it was 7:00 :O HAHA! then I was eating dinner and watching tv with the Family. 24 and HOUSE :) and CSI Miami :) and we got some Ice cream SO GOOD! and then We where on our way and my Mom asks how Does Justin get his Hair that way! :) So I tell's a SECRET! So I won't post it! if you want it you must Comment! :D  it. and we were singing to Baby! :) HAHA! So much FUN!  Now I'm tweeting and talking to my friends who are all happy for me! :) going to Houston and getting the enbrel. So It seems like I'm getting there to getting better :) I hope! :)  So My Day was GREAT :) I hope my week is to. ok tomorrow I NEED PRAYER! for my Grandma she's having a Heart cath, So Please Pray everything goes well, and no heart Surgery.
My Cousin's Vicki is still in the Hospital She's getting sick,she's not doing her breathing things. So Please keep praying! :) Thanks :)
And on twitter JRAPeeps is getting bigger! we are at 282 I thought we at 300! HAHA! I'm So Crazy sometimes! :)
And I think that's it for now! :)
Good night! and God Bless!

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