Sunday, April 11, 2010


Sunday Today! :D WAS AMAZING! :D I loved it. Yesterday was SO BAD! Real Madrid LOST! and my Dad's TEAM WON! :( BOO!!! I was SO sad and mad, we lost 2-0 ! the Better team won! :) then went to go see my Cousin Vicki in the Hospital, she looked really  bad. I wanted to start crying but today she's better :) then Home and was on twitter and saw then Saw my FAV SINGING! Justin BIEBER! on SNL Saturday night live, I don't watch it but I did this TIME! :D he was AMAZING! and SO FUNNY! :) and he sing GREAT! I was So HAPPY! and my Mom said I love to See you happy! And Make Sure you record this So we can watch it when you in pain or mad! HAHA! :) she's the BEST! I was said I am Mommy! :D we both love his Song BABY! :) But I love ALL his Songs :) So anyway Then BED! but Was I in PAIN! all night and today! Church was AMAZING! :) I LOVED IT! My Dad put me in His Sermon! :) It was SO FUNNY! Then Lunch with My Mom and Dad and Brothers and Grandma and Grandpa FUN! :) I was in pain So I went out with My Mom and my Brother Paul to the Library  then we picked up KFC :) WHOO! Then we saw Our AWESOME! TV shows then Now I'm here Resting and Watching TV and tweeting :)  So I'm changeing the Name of  the Blog to Pam's Life. Because I may not have JRA But maybe something like it So For now it's Pam's Life, I want to get another Confirmation First! :) Just to make SURE! :)
I think, I did really Good today! :) I didn't let my Mood get to me :) or the PAIN! I almost did but I put some Justin Bieber Music on and I calmed down! :D And I was In Pain But I pushed Though it! :D and CLEANED my ROOM! :D So I'm changing and my Blogs name did to! :) I'm a Happy Camper for now! Just pray for me! because I seems to be Shaking a lot and my hand seem to be moving with my moving them! it's really odd. I'm kinda Scared. :/ Just pray for me! and thank you! :D for following my CRAZY LIFE! I'll blog tomorrow :)
God Bless! and have a GREAT night!
-Pamela <3

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