Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why I love Alice in Wonderland.

When I was A kid, Before I had JRA, I liked Alice in Wonderland, Not to much but as a I got older, then Sick. I loved it more! why, because I have in Common with Alice. she's a great and moving Girl :) but in the New one,that I saw today. WOW! It was amazing, Well, here's my day today :) woke up with Pain :( at 7:00 am! Everyone was still asleep. Then fell asleep at 9:00 then woke up at 11:00 then fell asleep at 1:00 then woke up! So I didn't do much! So I told my Dad I wanted to go See Alice in Wonderland Yesterday. So, today we got to the Movies. :) and it's packed! and my dad wanted to see another movie, and it had already Started, and Alice in Wonderland was going to start but was Packed. So we didn't go. I wanted to cry! because,I love this movie! So we go to another one! that has better Seats :) LOL! So Not to much Back pain. anyway, We went! My mom and Brother went to see Alice and my Dad and my Other Brother went to see another movie. SO We sat close to the screen! :D and it was in 3D AWESOME!! I loved it! The Mad hatter has Awesome! Both Queens to! and Alice was older. it was Great :) I like it because they are Different. And are Crazy!! And see things Differently. My JRA Has changed me, Ask anyone, I'm More Quiet, and Care free and a Dreamer. Before I was into being the best! and into my looks, sometimes it comes back. But One thing, I'm happy I did change was being Closer to God. I think, I was forgetting him Now he's more in my life. :D So Way I love Alice in wonderland is because, She changed when she came back from Wonderland, And I hope when I get better. I'll be changed in a Great way to :) So this week has been bad... I'm having more pain. :| and my Pain Pills aren't helping. I wanted to go to the ER on Thursday! But It stopped. Thank GOD! I use Pain Patch's to, They help to take the edge off. :) So that's good. I wear them a lot now! LOL! :D it's been a Week that I lasted came on here! I just have to much pain. So I'm going to Houston,in 2 weeks but! Our Car is getting fixed so It has to be fixed till we go So I'm Hoping It Will be fixed. So Our my Mom And Dad :)So Just pray for that. For me Please :) So on JRAPeeps well, not much is happening! It's because I have been been in pain and stuff. :( So I hope, I can do more this Month! So How's everyone??? My Family and I are doing good. Just Getting ready For Houston, when I go. I'm just tried, right now. I better go!
Good night!
-Pamela :D <3 God bless!

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