Tuesday, March 23, 2010


long day today! :| So I haven't blogged since FRIDAY! and it's tuesday! 4 days! :O, I missed Y'all! :D Saturday was Good. I was with my family all day then dinner with with my Grandma,Grandpa and Aunt and the rest of my family :) my Grandma made my FAV dish EVER! mole! :D yummy! I used to make it but only thing is you must stand up for a long time when cooking it and it takes time So I haven't made it in a while. anyway it was SO good hanging out with them, I miss them. My Grandma is kinda getting Arthritis and So is my aunt and my Dad, :| So yeah,it runs in my family! so then Sunday CHURCH, I was feeling SO bad, I felt like I was goig to pass out then soon was it was done, I went to sleep for a little while, then Lunch with my family :) So good then out with Mom, I got some SHOES! :) then are flat sandals for summer they ARE SO pretty! :) Now I need some more High-tops :)(converse) they are on sale I hope I get some on friday when I get paid! :) HEHE! then Monday was Good family TIME! :) and then we all went to the Soccer field and my Dog Paco was pulling me and I was kinda running and my hips and back and everything, are hurting me today SO MUCH! later at night, we all saw 24 and I was able to clean my room. So Today (Tuesday) was ok, just PAIN,PAIN! And my Enbrel shot is today. I don't like it because it makes me feel SO ODD! :| and more moody then Normal. LOL! Then My Cousin came to pick up her Kids who we are watching, and we all got outside then the door shuts on it's own, and we are locked outside! :| I was not happy because I just woke up and I was hungry! :| LOL! anyway we called Dad from my Cousin's cell phone and Dad came home and we were ok :) It was funny yet not! LOL! plus I was in PAIN! My hips are hips are hurting me from yesterday! :( LOL! I just emailed Brianna Who I'm interveiwing for this BLOG! :D I'm SO HAPPY! this is my first time. So I hope it, goes well! :) HAHA!
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