Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Slow Monday!

Today is MONDAY! I woke up early,Becaus of BACK pain! :| then went to the library then we were there for a while then lunch :) Then went to Hobby lobby and I got some Pencils and drawing stuff. AWESOME! the some more store then Home! my feet were killing me and no Wheelcairs or nothing were there! I really need one. I'm going to look into getting one. I don't care what people think only what God Think's! :D THen I slept! then dinner now I have been in bed and on my computer! I have a lot of pain still but it's ok. :) I have been wacthing Golden girls. I love this Show it's SO FUNNY! :D and I was reading Mags and email some people! :) and I got a lot of books at the library So I can read a lot this week! :) The First Interveiw is coming up this week! I hope tomorrow (Tuesday) I have been working on :) And she sent it to me tonight. I won't say who it is! :D And I have been getting ready for Easter and my Brother's Birthday it's on the 7th of April. it's his sweet 16! :D AWW!! :D So YOUNG! :D So today is Passover ,I love it! :D
I wasn't able to post this last night because Blogger was Down. So I'm posting it right now :) and I'll blog more tonight! :D
Pamela :D and Have a Blessed day!

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