Monday, March 29, 2010

Palm Sunday.

Today was Great! :) It's Palm Sunday! :D So Church was GREAT,my Cousin's came! that Was Good :) only thing, I felt, I like I was going to faint at Church and dizzy :| Then LUNCH with Family! And then went to library and got some mags for when I'm bed this week again. So the I used the Scooter and went to Joann's FYI! don't go there!!!! The Employees were giving me Bad looks and then I told her I have JRA (Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) and she goes I wasn't saying anything, and I said then Why are you looking me then??? and she didn't say anything and everyone was looking at me like I weird or something SO don't go there if you use a scooter! those people are really rude I'm going to email Joann's and tell them! and They have to do something about it! :D I hope they LISTEN! :D I'll update if they do! anyway, then went to Sears and got some amazing! shirts for Easter :) I have a lot of skits! LOL! then home So I was in Bed for a while then went to petsmart and got Paco and Duke are Dogs some cookies, They LOVE them! LOL! :) then home I rested again SO much pain but I went to be with my family then Grandma's house then Home SO I have been home now for a while :) It's So good to see my Family because,They try to understand my JRA. I just got really mad at Joann's again why shoyld I care,I'm the one in pain and they are just dumb people who don't CARE! but why do I get mad??? Mmm.... I'll be thinking about all this week.
I'm SO ready for EASTER! :D WHOO! are you all??? :D
FYI this blog is more about me living with JRA, not JRA because I don't want to give Y'all info and it's wrong, if you ever want to ask me anything, Email me or comment :) and if you Mom tell me So I can give you my Mom's email :)

I'm out, I'm in SO much pain! :( good night and God bless! :D

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