Saturday, March 27, 2010

Painful day.

Today was GREAT and painful day. I woke up at 7:00 today! then fell asleep about 10 mins then Mom wakes me up at 9:00 to go out to eat! :D I take my meds with in the Car and take them. But I was super stiff... :( then Dad and us went to get My Dad's Barcelona FC Soccer Jersey. And it looks So nice, even Though I don't like Barca. lol. Then my Brother needed a pinata for his Birthday SO we went to the WESTSIDE! The Mexican Part of Town :) lol. then we went to the Cemetery See my Great-Grandma's Grave. It's been 5 years since she has Died. I miss her SO Much. I wish, she was here to make me Mole and talk. And TALK :) Then Dad and my Brother went into this AWESOME! store and Found a pinata :) and I stayed in the car. I was in SO much PAIN! by then my nods on my elbow were out again and knees were SO huge! :( Then we went to Sam's So I got a scooter and everyone else walked, just people were looking at me and giving me bad looks! I wanted to punch them! I felt mad that they were judgeing a 18 with JRA and Fibo and IBS and eveything else, they don't know what is worng with me! My Mom told me not to let them get to me! I don't understand, I'm never like that to people! I smile at people in wheelchair and scooters. People realize that they can't Judge a person!! I see that! ok, then we went home. I was in bed then we went to get Carl's JR then the CARWASH! :D HAHA! then Home, it was ok. because Mom and Dad were trying not to make me walk that much. SO I have been on bed for now and on twitter :)
I was Thinking, I shouldn't be upset or mad that I have JRA because it's just something,I have to live with :)
P.S I hope to blog more post all this week :)
God Bless!

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