Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Day with JRA

So today was GREAT! :) well,some what:| today was my cousin's Birthday Party :) She is 3 :) awww... :D But I woke at 6:00 in PAIN! :O went to bed a hour later! :) Then My dad Brought Pancakes for me! and BACON! :D oh yummy! then Me and Mom went to Toys u us :) I got my cousin a gift and so did Mom :) just So much to choose! I was WOW! I haven't been in there in forever! they have! I wish,I was a kid again.. :) So the party was So cute! my cousin was Show White,She was So cute! :) and my other cousin dressed up to! :) and some of her friends :) So CUTE! Her cake was great and everything it was fun saw my Aunts and cousins and family :) Great day besides getting pain and numbness everywhere. ahh,The life of a JRA kid :| HAHA! it was funny, I walked out side and on my shoe was a pain patch, I was thinking most kids don't have stuff like this! but I love it because that's me! :) and I got a T-shirt. It's So pretty! :) So I have been in bed all week and busy, with pain! :| and family :) and everthing else! Monday,was bad, I was in pain and in bed :\ and tuesday was better I went out :) and was hanging with my Brothers and My Mom and Dad had Date night :) and wedsday was Grandma's Birthday! :) good food,and cake and little cousin's running like crazy! :) and thursday was ok Project runway night! :) and friday was BUSY! handyman was here and more! but it was Great though :) Justin Bieber was on TV,:) and JONAS (the Jonas Brothers) show was playing all day! :) I really want to write more! :) and interview teens with JRA like my Besties on Twitter who have it to :) and talk more about JRA :) So I hope to that soon. :) I better go to bed it's late! AND! it's day light savings night :o we lose a hour! NO!!! :o WAH!! LOL!
Good night! and God Bless! :)

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