Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I need to beat my JRA!

HELLO! I have been sick with my JRA and busy. :O So today is St,Patrick's day! :) It's a bitter sweet day. I love what Saint Pat did. :) he was Amazing! :) But today is also the day my Great-Grandma died, I already cried this morning! :( So it's been a tough day. anyway, I have been thinking, more and more,I need to beat this! I'm tried of not going to college or shopping or cooking or anything! It's time I beat my JRA!! I go to my Doctor tomorrow SO I'm planning on having a long talk with him! I just hope,the Doctor is Houston can help to,But I won't see him till APRIL! My Dad has to work So we had to push it back :| and on JRApeeps I have been on there and we growing :) YAY! :) LOL! I'm just happy, I'm trying to keep going. Let's all hope someday soon, JRA will have a CURE! plus I'm doing a interveiw soon! :) so Look out for it! :) and more! :) Good night! and God Bless!

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