Friday, March 19, 2010

Getting Better.

Yesterday I went to the Doctor's and it was good :) I had some blood out! :| but the Nurse is really Good so I didn't feel it :) And we talked about the Doctor in Houston and a new pain pill, He put me on Ryzolt. it's working good so far, it's a slow working pain pill,So we will see! :) How all this goes! :D my liver blood count was low So my Doctor is looking into that! :O he thinks it sould go back up :) But on the plus side,I'm gaining wight! :) WHOO! I won't say how much. SO my Doctor is happy! :) It seems like my life is getting better! :) SO I'm happy! :) I walked today at the Store! :) So that's GREAT to! :) But i'm, still in bed and stuff :| a little at a time :) my week has been Great :) Babysitting with mom More! :) and shopping! and PRoject runway was Great Yesterday! :) AWESOME!! on JRAPeeps still growing. :) I think that's it for now! :) Love Y'all!!
-Pamela! have a GREAT week end!! :D <3

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