Wednesday, February 3, 2010

rainy day.

So sorry, I haven't bloged! I have been out of it! somedays I feel ok the next I feel So bad! yesterday I felt ok. just hip pain and back pain and Knee pain. Plus Nick Jonas CD came out! YAY! LOL!:) So I was still in bed but my Mind and Soul felt Great :) But today! OMGH! I'm paying for it! I feel So bad! My Knees hurt a lot! and my back! is like on fire! my hip is bad! My hands are Killing me! Just bad! I also get my Pain shot today! So Maybe It will help. I hope! My baby cousin is sleeping on my bed right now. So I'll lay down later. But anyway on Monday I got a X-ray on my hip, they said looked ok. But I'm going there Later So I'll ask them again just to make sure,because it hurts SO much! :( I have been to tried latey to blog or even Twitter! I mean, I'm just So sleepy! And in pain! I'm just trying to cope for right now, But I'm getting though this :) with God and My family. :) and Some Crazy friends. LOL! It's SO rainy today! and I have to go out! GREAT! LOL! I don't want to! But I hope my shots helps!

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