Friday, February 26, 2010

Prednisone, Post two

So this week I started Prednisone again, I got off it because It wasn't helping and I was getting bad mood swings, SO My Doctor said let's try again! :( So It's helping a little bit with stiffness and swelling, But that's it! So all this week I have had SO many Mood swings and yalling and everything! I don't like to be this way! I get mad for anything and yell at anyone! I'm like stop, Pam! stop!! But it's SO hard to stop, I mean some stuff only meds do. I have never been like this! and the other thing is that I'm always Hungry! Always eating! for real, I'm going to eat us out of the house! LOL! I'm only taking one pill and it's 5mg So small, so I'm going to cut in half for now. So does this happend to anyone else???
-Pamela, I hope to be more Upbeat tomorrow, After I rest! Good night!

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