Friday, February 26, 2010

Pain DAY! Post one.

I'm going to do two post today. :) this is the First one :) I have had SO much PAIN today! :( even right now, I'm in a lot. So I got some news from that Doctor he said he can't see me because I'm to old! I just turned 18 not to long ago and I'm still a kid. I don't get it. So my Doctor is looking for another one. I feel So down, I thought This Doctor was going to help, SO For Now. I have to see a another rheumatologist for now. I was down but it's ok. :) So I have been sick with pain. SO JRAPeeps has been losing followers! :( If Y'all want to help or need anything feel free to Email me or post a Comment! :) So today was ok. Just that Apolo lost! :( but we won the relay! YAY! :D he's amazing! My New Hero! :) I went to the bank and was with my mom :) I had fun with her! She was cheering me up. :) I had a MRI on wedsday is was ok. I feel asleep and they put the radio on for me! :) It was good, the only Thing, I got stiff! :| So I have been having mood swings all week, in my next post I'll go into that more!
I have no idea what this weekend has planned! I just hope not to much! I'm SO tried! I want summer SO bad! Just to take some of the pain away. And the BEACH! I LOVE IT! :D I have Church this weekend :) and a real Madrid GAME! YAY! :D I'm going to go post the other post right now! :) YAY!

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