Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Hard for me!

So Sorry! I haven't been on all this month! So This week has been SO HARD for me! PAIN and PAIN! And I'm not getting better, So My Doctor Wants me to Get a second opinion from a pediatric rheumatologist In Another City about 2 hours away from here because we only have One pediatric rheumatologist here and He's booked till next year! :O Because He thinks I Need to see someone because of all my Health History when I was a kid, So I'll be gong over there soon. :| I have seened him for a year and just some pain is gone But I'm getting more Erosions and some are scoop erosions. So he's Worried! And So am I and My Whole family! They were All So worried! I have not seened my Mom So worried since they told her she had Cancer and that was 4 years ago. I just have So manny feelings going though me! And he added more meds So I'm taking 10 pills plus one shot for now, My Dad Thinks If the Doctor there can help Then that's Great So Family is ready for it, It I mean is to get better! LOL! Or at lease stand up! LOL! My Dream to be a Chef is still there it never leaves Maybe this Doctor is Houston can help me get there! :) PLEASE GOD! :) I would be the happiest Girl in the world! I mean, If I could cook again, oh I would be So happy! No words! My Life is going Crazy right now. Because I'm going to go to College soon and I'm like should I see the Doctor First then Go or just go or what!?! He said He wants me to see this Doctor soon. So I'll just wait and Pray on it. :) So On JRAPeeps Well, We are getting big! We have 232 followers :) and gaining fast! :) And I Haven't talked to Kevin yet, Because I was going to email him but! I was sick. So I did on yesterday. Oh I forgot my Mom got me teddy Bear. I love it! She got for me today. I love when she does stuff like that :)
I'm going to post again tomorrow! Love Y'all! :)
-Pamea XOXO


  1. pam, someone once told me that we are not designed to have desires that we cannot fulfill. You will be a chef one day as long as you keep that desire in your heart and take steps towards it everyday. It will happen! I hope everything works out for you with the new doctor. --robin

  2. Aww.. Robin. Thank you :) Your SO sweet! :) I hope So to! :)
    God Bless -Pamela <3


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