Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cold and New Doctor.

I haven't blogged since FRIDAY! Long time! been busy with Pain! family, and today I lost a friend.... it's been a rough day. Ok, let's start well,saturday I was at home all day! and in Bed. :) And sunday I went to Church! YAY! :) And then my Team REAL MADRID WON! WHOO!! WHOO!! LOL! :) then on Monday my Doctor called and told he had a name of the Doctor I'm going to go to, he's a hour away. and then my Dad took our Tree down! It was cold! Brrr... Lol and got my meds out. Then today I was in bed! SO much PAIN! then my Mom went to the Doctor and then my Friend and neighbor who's like a Grandma to me came over and said my Other friend and also neighbor who's SO Sweet and is like a Aunt to me and who has been battleing cancer to, Passed away. she will be missed SO much. I'm in Shock. I can't even cry right now,it's to fresh,I know she's in Heaven. But I'll miss her! I have knowed her since I was like 9 or 10. Maybe longer! she will be buried soon. They still trying to find and time and stuff. So right now. I'm in pain and with my family :) I love them So much! So College is on hold for now, Don't know when. but it's there! So JRAPeeps has been there, I haven't been on there as mush as I want to! And I think that's it for now :) I'll try to blog more :) I better go a lot of hand and finger pain.

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