Sunday, January 10, 2010


Today is Sunday,I woke up early and went to bed at 3! because I was in pain,Then I woke up early because of the pain So I was getting ready for Church then My Knees! started hurting even more! I was maybe I shouldn't go to Church,BUt then I got it together and went! :) Then Lunch Then Nap time. LOL! Then I was on twitter,Still am! LOL! JRAPeeps is SO big! I'm like AHH! LOL! I'm just trying to go though the pain, It won't go away. Sometimes,It's hard! Like today! LOL! It's cold! BRR...! LOL!


  1. Hey @UnstopppablePam this is @JoeJonas_Fans from Twitter! Please follow my blog about JB NEWS! THANK YOU! Love ur blog by the way!

  2. Hey girly! :) Sure I will :) your a great friend :) Thanks :)


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