Monday, January 25, 2010

Such a pain Weekend.

This Weekend was ok. Saturday was Good,I had physical therapy for the First time ever! It was ok. I felt odd though in the pool but It was Good. I met a new friend there :) she's Super nice and sweet. It was good, I was with my mom then lunch with Dad and my brothers :) Then Sunday! I was in PAIN! I could barly move, I made it to Church, I thought I wasn't going to make But I did! LOL :) Then Family then FOOTBALL! But I fell asleep, then I watched some movies with Mom. :) Then Today was bad, Pain, again! I ws in bed, i felt SO bad! Even right now. I'm just trying not to get sad or upset, I mean I Lean on God and my Family buut sometimes it's hard. I mean, The pain is So hard to bare! anyway, I better go. My knee Are HUGE! and my hands are killing me. Bye! Thanks for reading :)

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