Saturday, January 16, 2010

So I wanted to talk about....

So I have been wanting to talk about the Disease's I have, JRA and the side Disease's. I have JRA & sjogren's syndrome & still's Disease & Fibromyalgia & IBS. I wanted to say it because I tell people and they foget and SO do I! The side disease's are Fibromyalgia & IBS and sjogren's syndrome. It use to be JRA and Still's were the same but not anymore Since They are both different. JRA is one in 100,000 still's is 1 in 500,00 But My Doctor's are trying to find out why my fevers aren't that high and I don't always look sick. You do with Still's. Just a lot! So My new med treats Still's and I am Feeling better. I still have some pain but not that much! :) It's enbrel, the shot. I wasn't going to say but I want you all to know :) any way that's what is going on with me health wise. So My saturday was GREAT! went shopping with Mommy :) for shoes and got some skirts to :) then I had to rest So a nap! LOL! :) then dinner and now watching TV and on twitter and facebook :)
Hope you had a GREAT Saurday to! I love Comments! Thanks Bye :)

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