Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not good!

Today and yesterday was Not good! I'm in pain and tried! and just everything is not good! this pain is driving me nuts! I can't do anything! Then My doctor office calls to tell me! he won't be there when I go to see him! SO they pushed it back! I may call them tomorrow and see if I can't see him sooner instead of later. It just seems like the pain and stiffness is getting woser! and not getting better. I'm just always in bed and not getting up and if I do, it's to eat or get on my computer or something small! I don't like to go to walmart and if I do, I make myself go or Mom's going to buy me somthing SO I go! LOL! :) I seem to be crying more,I don't like to feel like this!! Sorry,Had a weak Moment there. It's just a lot right now. But I know, I will get better soon! :) or some what better :) SO Anyway, It has been kinda hot here! I love it! I need the beach! Like now! It always makes me feel better :) some how, the water makes me feel better! :) I like to sit there :) I can't wait for it! :D
OMGH! on twitter SO much! we are having a Contests on @JRAPeeps if we can get to 200 followers :) we will be giving Nick Jonas Dogtags! I'm as everyone knows a Huge fan of his! :) So I wanted to give something away that would help his Foundation and it does :) And I have met So many people on twitter that deal with JRA & RA :) It's SO great! I want to help people and to know a lot about JRA and RA :)

Talk to you all Later

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