Friday, January 1, 2010

New years Day!

So Today was New years day! and it was ok. in the morning,I was in bed because of my JRA and all the pain and in the afternoon for a while then went out to my grandma's then stayed there for till in the night then Came home. It was good. :) I was happy even though I'm having a lot of pain! My hands hurt right now. So this will be short. lol. Midnight was AWESOME! it was SO cold! and I wasn't outside for to long. My back and hands were hurting and everything was swollen! even right now. I didn't do to many fireworks just watched and took pics. :) I went home late and dropped into bed. LOL! Tomorrow,I hope to do some shopping for stuff I need. :) and rest more,I'm So tried! anyway,I better go. My hands hurt So much! Good night and God bless! :) -Pamela

PS,I just thought this is the first Blog post for 2010! YAY! LOL! :D <3

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