Saturday, January 9, 2010

lazy day.

So yesterday I was kinda lazy or I felt it! LOL! In bed and out for a bit,then back in bed and today I slept super late because I kept waking up because of the pain. So last night It was 10 outside with the the wind! WOW! And So I was in pain! the other Night I was up all night! with Pain. So the big thing in my life right now Is Pain! I mean some things go away like my Neck pain I put some cream on and It goes away. This cream has Meds in it. :) wait, not some one! LOL! just my neck pain that's it. Before I go on and on about my pian. I must say, SO much stuff! is happening! On twitter,We got 122 followers,And one of them is Keke Palmer! the Actress! I know! I was Like AHH!! I asked her and she followed! YAY! and told her it was for JRA and a great Cause. I was Yelling and stuff! :D My Brothers where like Stop yelling! LOL! I have So many dreams for JRAPeeps :) just washed dishs for the first time in like 3 months. THAT LONG! LOL! :) I wasn't having back then now I am. :| So I better go.My hands hurt.
How's everyone??
-Pamela :)

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