Saturday, January 2, 2010

In day.

So this post is called "In day' because I was in most of the day. I couldn't sleep because of my back SO I woke up early then went to the bank then to the book store and Got a Arthritis Book called 'Living with Arthritis. It's really good. :) I like it. then took a nap! I was So tried and sleepy, I woke up. then I was in bed and on my computer for the rest of the night :) I must say! I was a little sad tonight because I didn't go to Nick Jonas Concert and I really wanted to go :( But didn't because the tickets sold out and I had to sit all the way to Dallas 4 hours! then stand because inside they had no seats! And had to stand up all that time! My friends can do that but now me. I am happy for my friends who went, But I really wantde to go :( Maybe it's just me. It was just one of those day's. I wasn't upbeat about my JRA besides me walking most of the day all slow! because everything hurts! It's sometimes hard for me because So many times,I want to do stuff but can't because I can't walk that far or keep up or can't stand that long But tonight was kinda good. because I got to hang out with my mom :) SO that was my saturday :) I better go my hands hurt and look red and swollen. and ths cold never helps. all day,all my joints have been swollen and hurting.
I'm just going on and on about my pain! Sorry,I don't like to do that!
I'm happy for tomorrow! CHURCH! YAY! I love it! God always makes me feel better :)
Night -Pamela


  1. I know the feeling; I was supposed to go snow tubing with my cousins this weekend. I feel like crap already and didn't think that it would be a good idea to hurl myself down a hill for 2 hours! It would have been fun at the time, but I guarantee I would have hated myself that evening. :( bah...makes me sad to give up things at the last minute. I make so many plans and then they fall through b/c of RA. I HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT. And seriously, if someone tells me, "oh, just take another pain pill and come on!" HOly moly, if only it worked that easily!!!

    Seriously, I've done nothing strenuous these past two days, yet I feel like roadkill, so I can't imagine what I would be feeling after snow tubing. Aggravates me to no end!!!! I'm only 33! I want to be able to run and do crazy, impetuous stuff with my son!!! IT HAS TO GET A LITTLE BETTER...WHEN IT GETS WARMER OUTSIDE.

  2. Tina,I know what you mean! I may have to miss the Selena Gomez Concert thet way I'm going. I can barely stand up for the shower! and right now,Nothing helps,not even shots! and the cold looks like it's here to stay for a while. Feel better to! it's So hard! and my cousin's like to run with me but I can't. I know how you feel about your son,It hurts SO much! and my poor Dog Paco,hasn't been running in like forever I have to ask my brothers soon to take him. :)
    Feel better
    hus to you-


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