Friday, January 15, 2010

I feel Much better!

SO I haven't been on my blog for 3 days! I missed it! :) So wedsday was pain day! thurday was Good,I went to the Doctor for my JRA And he put me on one new med a SHOT! Everyweek! But It's helping! Some pain is going away! Oh yeah! :)and put me back on another pill I have had before :)
So today was good, it's been raining for 2 days! don't like it but I'm not in that much pain! So yay! hanging out with family and watching TV and Shopping! WHOO! LOL! I'm getting back to normal! College soon! I hope! If I can do more that will be great! :) But Mom says and SO do my Doctors You still have JRA! So don't Jump the gun! Jeez,I'm Just happy! LOL! But I have been busy ,I still have to call some people back, I haven't yet! oops! Sorry to those people! And Do more stuff with twitter! and more! I hope do some of that this weekend :) And buy some running shoes, Not to RUN! LOL! for my physical therapy this week. :| We will see how this goes! I'm sure good :) LOL! Now I'm watching a movie :) and chilling, it feel So good! and right now no PAIN! THANK GOD! :) I feel Much better! :)
well,I better go! :) Good night! have a Great night :)

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