Thursday, January 7, 2010

Doctor's And sick days

So Tuesday I did post something small about Twitter, but then! I got sicker from my sinus infection and ear Infection. So I needed to go rest then fell asleep. :) Then I woke up in the Morning Feeling really bad! So Mom took me to Me To the Doctor's,I haven't been there in a while. So We started talking about my JRA,It was such a good talk maybe the best I have had in while with Any of my Doctor's. she wanted to know about how I spent my Day and what I did for fun,She understands! that I can't do to much! And I told about some stuff,I had to deal with like People Asking why I'm not in college and she said to them, you don't have Old People Arthritis. You have a worser type of Arthritis and That I'm going to go when I'm ready,and not in pain, And that we should try physical therapy but like Super low, I was like ok! :) And I told her on Tuesday,I got letter saying I have Jury duty,She NO,You can't sit that long and I can't. So she wrote me a letter for them, :) So That's good. I was worried about that. So I told I was feeling sick and really bad. So I have a sinus infection and ear Infection! WOW! That's a lot. lol and put me on a med. So that was Wednesday and today has been ok. I have been in bed all day and sleeping. I feel ok but My JRA is Really bad! I'm in a lot of pain :( Because It's SO COLD! It's like 35 outside! I'm not even that hungry,You know it's bad. :( lol! But how's everyone?? It's Cold Everywhere,I see on tv. So I better go,My Hands hurt a lot! Talk to you all Later :)

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