Saturday, January 23, 2010

Beat my JRA!

Such a long week! I haven't been on here since sunday! I have been writing in here but It doesn't make sense So I Delete! Monday was ok. Tuesday was Bad! I had physical therapy well,I went to see what we are going to do,it ok.They just told me to do stuff and I couldn't do some of it or It was a lot pain to do! They were like She's to young to be like this, I'm be in the pool! I go tomorrow (Saturday)we will see how this goes. Wedsday was shot day! PAIN! AHH!! LOL! Then I felt ok. not to much pain :) Thursday,I was in bed off and on. it was ok. :) I saw my Grandma's and Grandpa :) I missed them. then today was BAD! I was in pain and pain! But I lived :) LOL! tonight was good resting and getting ready for tomorrow. I have been sick and in bed off and on! it was ok. I still didn't call the people I was going to call!I don't know what's up with me! I feel like I'm sick but I'm not. It's everything, I think. My shots and pills and all my disease's! LOL! I have been on twitter :) We are almost to 200 followers! YAY! :) I'm happy! Then we are giving out the Nick Jonas Dogtags! YAY! I love mine. I look at it whenever I Feel bad and it helps :) I'm just trying to deal with this I feel like I want to give up but no! I won't I will beat this! I will beat my JRA! I have a saying! "Pain,Pain go away then come back they have a cure someday! :) I Think,It's cute! and helps me to think, we will have a cure someday!:D I have met some wonderful people who have it! and it's sister disease's. I mean they are strong people! My mom who beat Cancer is strong to! I think anyone who has beat a disease or anything is Strong! :) So I'm trying to be more Upbeat this week, I hope you do to! :) Thanks, People! I love YA! Your my Fans and people who Push to me beat this JRA! :) I know,I will! thanks

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