Thursday, December 10, 2009


So I didn't write yesterday because I was So tried, I did some bollywood but my heart was beating fast and I didn't feel good. So I stopped and only did like 5 or 8 mins. I felt bad but at lease I did some today, I feel ok, no pain! but the back on my left leg keeps hurting really bad. I hope it goes away, if it doesn't I guess I'll go to the Doctor's on Monday. It's So cold! and I'm sleep! It's 11:41 on morning. :D I was out at the store and at McDonalds. lol! Now I'm at home. I'm Going to look to go to Online College, I think Now That I feel ok. I can do it. I'm just trying not to let the Pain come back! But I'm Still Tried But one thing is gone So that's good.:D It feels good, not having a lot of pain! I'm happy :D And it's cold to! YAY! LOL! I'll write later :)

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