Monday, December 14, 2009

Thinking about, and Praying about

So Today was good. My pain was there but not to bad. we were at home then got subway for dinner. Yummy! Now I'm cleaning my room and working on stuff :) And All day yesterday and today I was thinking about and praying about Something I really want to do I want to start s group or a foundation for Teens and kids with RA. It'a hard for me to deal with my RA and I have God and Family and Friends but It's still hard, So I was thinking It must be hard for kids and teens who don't have God or Family or friends. So I want to help them and deal with that and raise money for RA research. And So much more! I just Pray God Tells me what to do. So help me pray for that please :) Christmas is coming so fast! I haven't even done anyshopping yet. I'm SO late! LOL! I go to the Doctor this friday So we will see how that goes :) going to bed soon. good night! and God Bless :)

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