Sunday, December 6, 2009


SO on Friday My RA was messing up my whole day it was cold and snow was coming it did but OUTSIDE! of town! So I didn't see it :( And then I ate dinner and went to rest then I felt sick but I thought it was my RA then I started throwing up! So I throw Up 5 times that night and didn't sleep! and it was SO cold plus I had Chills! it was in the 20's that night! So then I Saturday Stopped throwing up! Thank GOD! My brothers were feeling sick that night to and the in the morning my Mom was feeling sick! but I didn't eat anything all day, and was in bed. So Sunday came I slept all morning, didn't go to Church, I missed It! going to Church is one thing I really look forward to on a Sunday :) So I felt better I was eating again! LOL! and on twitter! LOL! I missed it! and my friends. :) They were all like feel better! and Get well! LOL! and making me laugh. :) So right now. I feel better though all this my RA was in the back seat for a bit But my back is hurting SO BAD! and laughing from my Brothers making me laugh! and my friends, makes it hurt even more! LOL! But the weather is in the 40 and 50 again, A little better! but also today I have been reading more RA blogs and I like to read them. So I know! I'm the only RA-Person out here :) I loved today because, yes even though I didn't go Church, I was with my LOCO(crazy) family! LOL! Oh I forgot My Dad got it to! They whole family got it! LOL! He was in bed watching Football all day! LOL! Now it's 12;14 at night! late! I should be in bed, My sleep time is all off! Plus yesterday, We all knew I was sick because My team Real Madrid played and I almost didn't see it! So you knew I was Sick! LOL! and Paco (my Dog) Was going to see Santa at Petco but! I was Sick and didn't go :( So I'm taking him this Saturday :) he has a Santa Suit! so it will look cute! LOL! Anyway I think that's it :) and that's all that Happened this weekend! LOL! I think! LOL! Night :) God Bless!

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