Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So far, so good!

I named this So far, so good because my week has been So far, so good, Today was ok. beside me almost running my family out of there minds! LOL! let me say I'm not the best person when I'm in pain. lol! I get in a bad mood. I have been trying to deal with this but yet I can't! LOL! My pain was not to good but not to bad. :) SO I was with my cousin's today and they are all under 5! LOL! I love them to death, the baby is SO cute! I love being with them They make me happy and make me feel better :) And they are like are you ok?? and I love you. So CUTE! And then I made some stew today! YAY! LOL! I cooked! I cook like 1 a week lately even though I love to cook, I hope to cook tomorrow. And then I was here and with my family watching the Christmas tv Specials took ma back to when I was a kid. LOL! and then I was doing some chores, My pain was gone for a bit but it was in my hands but not bad :) But right now, I'm hurting! But It's ok. I think,I'm starting to deal with everything I feel ok. I have been talking to my Family more and being with then more :)I feel better,So I went on and Saw Miss Kelly's Blog and today blogged about how she was doing And She's going though So much with her RA and is So Positive and Upbeat! She's Amazing! I mean, I know little about RA to what she and all my new friends who have RA know. I didn't really know anything about this RA, But now I do, kinda of! LOL! I have to go to bed! My mom keeps telling me to go to bed! Good night! God bless!
btw Real Madrid WON!! YAY!

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