Thursday, December 3, 2009

So cold!

So cold,So cold! I feel like crying right now. My pain is really bad, right now my Hands hurt and everything is swollen! And it is getting colder and colder and then the snow is coming tomorrow, I want to see it but the pain is to much and I keep getting like inside fevers,It's my RA still. I just needed to that all out! So today was my Cousin's Birthday and we went out to dinner with her, it was Good. I was just in pain! and didn't really enjoy it I felt bad! I wanted to but my back and everything! I was at home all day, I didn't want to go out! Then just Dinner with her. :) This is going to be short because I don't feel good. Happy Birthday to her again! She's like my Older sister, I didn't even feel well to write in her card! I'm not even on twitter that much! lol. going to bed early, bye!

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