Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SO Busy with Christmas!

So I haven't blogged in 6 days!! WOW! You know why!? Because I have been So busy Christmas,Family,Church and always! The Doctor's! LOL! went to him on Monday,I'm having a MRI soon then Upped 2 of my meds and said I have JRA for sure :) I asked him. Sunday was Our Church Party,I had Fun plus We had a Gifts and mu grandma got me. and Give me Jonas brothers lip gloss! YAY! LOL! and a watch. and my Cousin is here! He's So AWESOME! I love him :) and on Saturday was my Other Cousin's Birthday party, She's So old! LOL! 28! LOL! and yesterday more family! LOL! and shopping with my Cousin. It was fun :) and On Saturday I got all of my shopping done :) YAY! So Today is Christmas Eve Eve! It came SO fast But Though all this my pain has been here,I'm just trying to go on! I'm always sleeping when I have time. Yesterday,I was at my grandma's house and I was Falling Asleep! My whole family knows why,But Still! I just don't like doing that! It's Embarrasseing! I have never been in Embarrassed of My JRA and never will but when I'm falling asleep in front of my family! That is Embarrasseing! LOL! maybe it's me. Some happened to me on Monday I was making dinner and cutting chicken,I was like OMGH! OMGH! My hands Got like All Messed up! and Froze! I was SO scared ! My Hands got cold and I just put them in warm Water and they were ok. But I was Scared because my aunt who has RA her hands are really messed up, and I have seen them and she can't write or anything. And I don't want that to be me! that's my Big fear! my hands Have been hurting me a lot lately, even now writing. I just hope I get better soon or somewhat better :) and Now my Back and knees and hands hurt a lot! I think I'll go now. Have a Great Christmas! Just case I don't blog tomorrow or Friday! bye! :D

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