Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pain go away!

So Last night after I posted yesterday's post, I couldn't sleep! Because I was in SO much pain! I finally Fell asleep and then I woke up,But Had to yell for someone to pull me out of bed, I couldn't move! I was So scared! It was So cold all day I was resting and on and off my computer,I didn't even want to eat! that's How bad I felt! Then I went out with my mom to get some stuff and it was SO COLD! and then it may snow on friday! It's like in 40s and 30s! It snowed in Dallas today, I haven't seened snow ever! I want but I don't like the way I feel. my Brother Paul made dinner, and now just watching TV in my Snuggie. lol. Going to rest, I'm in a lot of pain right now, Sorry if I bore you with saying that all the time! LOL! Ok. So now going to bed. I like to Write at night before I got to bed. :D I'm in a lot of pain, I hope I can sleep! earlier, I saw Nick Jonas and his New band on CBS, he was amazing! But I missed his brothers,he looked alone. But I loved the new song! GREAT! LOL! He's one of my Hero's if you didn't know. :) LOL! I love How he Doesn't let his Diabetes get in his way. I mean, he will have it all his life to like me but with RA. Anyway before I go on and on about him! LOL! My family has been great tonight, it's getting cold right now. And looking at my shopping list, I better go Paco is getting into something. Oh I hope I get better, My back hurts So much!
Good night! God bless!

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