Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pain Come and goes!

So friday Night, I was Really bad. I mean, bad. Sometimes You just feel So bad like you just want to Give up and Not go on, I was just having a weak Moment. I was in pain and and In bad mood It just was SO bad! So Then I went to bed and on saturday, I woke and was all better. :) then Went out with the family and then to the flea market and was looking for a Real Madrid Jersey. And the was on at home! we won! LOL! It was So cold! So then home But! that Night! the pain came! I walked to much. I was just so happy! being with my family and looking for the jersey! My Dad knows how much I love Real Madrid. :) I forgot! Like I can't walk that fa I guess I pushed my body to much :( and Today was ok. Church Was AMAZING! I loved it. But I was mad because I didn't sleep well last night. SO I was falling asleep! BAD Pam! But I heard it. :) then Lunch with the family, It was fun. :) Then was at home :)then a nap! then Dinner, now going to bed, after eating a dinner again! LOL! It's not that cold. So that's good But I'm in pain bad! AHH!! This weekend was Good. I didn't get the Jersey yet. I think this week. :) It's going to be my Christmas present. YAY!
Good night! God Bless :)
Hope You had a Great weekend :)

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