Monday, December 7, 2009

ok. :)

Today was ok. Didn't do much just went out to get my meds that I neeeded and can't live with out, My cymbalta! I was Ok, with my pain just a little But My pain came back BAD! because the rain came and the cold! Everytime! I start feeling ok, then Something comes and messes it all up!Ok, So I feel like I'm getting better then here it comes, So I have just stopped, trying to feel like I'm getting better and just Get better! So lately I have been dealing with Feeling like no one cares, Oh your in pain? ok, and act like I'm fine! really you don't see my hands and my face in PAIN! I mean, I deal with this a lot maybe it's me, maybe I'm just acting like the teen who cares to much! LOL! God and I are still dealing with this :) I guess,I just think People who talk to me all the time, care! I don't know maybe it's ME! LOL! But You know, I just hope My kids don't have this because this pain and all the other stuff you have to deal with is to much sometimes! I find myself just trying to deal with all this! I'm So sleepy right now :) LOL! I love blogging because you all read it! and step into my shoes for a bit. Sorry, If I keep saying I feel! I was reading I'm like I keep saying! sorry!
Ok. I'm going to bed now. good night :D God bless!

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