Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Long week.

This Week has been Nuts! Plus it's New years! YAY! yesterday I got my glasses that say 2010 on them! Love it! Last time I wrote it was on Saturday the 26, now it's wedsday the 30! The day before new years eve! Monday was Saw my Aunt leave for London. Tuesday was Good,my brothers and Dad and Grandma Went to a Spurs game. They had fun :) Today was ok. I just had So much pain All that week. Today was So bad! I was in bed almost all day. My Nods were out,BAD! and eveything is swollen! So Tomorrow Is New years! YAY! and FIREWORKS! I love them! For 2 years my City had a ban on them So now we are going all out! LOL! I will be outside But In The morning I got to get my MRI at My Doctors So I'm hoping to ask if they can give me somthing. like a shot! That kinda helps, So we will see. Last Time he give a Stonge one but it only worked for a few hours.:( Tons of family is here SO I'm a happy girl. from all over! LOL! Big'ol family. we are all 23 but sometimes we have More family come over! My Group on twitter is getting SO big! we have 77 followers in 2 weeks! YAY! I'm SO happy! :) This has been a GREAT YEAR! So Tomorrow I will write! and I hope some of my family will to :) I have a idea. :) LOL! Me and my ideas.
Ok. be on tomorrow :) Pamela.

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