Wednesday, December 9, 2009

kinda getting better.

So today I woke up feeling ok. I just stiff but no pain! So then later I was thinking about doing exercise and my friend on Twitter Erica, and She has been doing Some Dancing exercise and It was helping her. So I have been thinking about it and Talking to my Mom and She was like you have to move around So I went to Our tv and we have this on demand exercise tv So I saw Bollywood Dancing So tried It and I loved it! It didn't hurt I only did 10 mins but I loved and I felt 18 not 81! I hope to do more tomorrow, It's So easy and Moves my whole body and eveything. so then I made dinner again today! YAY! I feel So normal But Mom's Says I should take it slow :) then was here with family and watching movies :) So I feel good and plus It's cold! And I STILL feel good! I'm So happy! Time for bed, it's midnight! I Need to do some shopping soon! LOL! Night :) And btw Not to much pain! Thank God He did all this!

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  1. so proud of you! take it slow. Glad it helped you yesterday. Hope today is pain free.


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