Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New years!

Happy New years! This is the last post of 2009! YAY! I mean,it was Great, But only one thing I didn't like at all! my JRA! I'm having a blast with my family! :) we are eating menudo and pizza and Doing fireworks and watching TV. it's So great! and one of my fav singer's Selena Gomez! YAY! I'm going to her Concert in Feb! YAY! I'm happy but this week I couldn't walk So my Mom is worried, that I can't go! because I have to walk far. :( Just pray I'm ok. on that day :) But anyway,today was my MRI... It took long 2 hours and I was on a chair and was watching a movie. :) It was o.k. but my hands and wrists we hurting SO bad! and I was SO stiff! :( and I got 2 shots, NO! LOL! And they were hurting so bad! But anyway, I was ok. and that was my day. :) But I haven't rested! So I'm running on sugar here! I'm SO sleepy! So this is the last post of the year! I'm kinda sad but Happy! My Twitter is growing SO fast! I have 92 followers! YAY! I hope to get to 100 soon! My friend (Co-owner) is amazing! She's so sweet! LucĂ­a is great! LOL! So let me say this! This year has been great but with pain and sleep! and family! I'm happy! I want to ask my mom to write on this for a little bit.I'm going to ask her :) Hi gang, this is Pamela's Mom, Brenda. Happy New Year...this year has been rough for Pam. Rough because we are new to JRA. We are learning so much about medicines for it, what works for her and what doesn't. How to make Pam comfortable and how schedule things. I don't like to see her in pain....we pray for her constantly. We don't know why she has this but we know that God is with us to help us through it. I am so proud of Pamela and what she's doing. She has a lot of plans for the future and that is to work on getting the word out about JRA in the youth. I'm so glad for all her friends who support her. I know the future is unknown with 2010 but we go with hope in 2010. There is nothing to fear. In 2 Timothy 1:7 "God has not given the spirit of fear but of love, power and strength." And that is 2010 for our family.
Ok,Y'all have a Great Night! and a Great New Year!
See you next year! LOL!
-Pamela <3

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