Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Doing something good.

So yesterday I didn't post because I was busy My Aunt came in from London so we went to go see her. It was fun :) But I was in a lot of pain! So yesterday was good. Didn't do to much :) Just it was So cold! I had fun! So I'm making a Foundation or group for RA! YAY! Great news! I'm So happy! I have been thinking of a name! I can't think of one! LOL! So many people are going to help me! I'm happy! people who have RA and People who don't. :) I have to make a twitter for it to :) My Friend Erica has been such a Big help! and Mom. And all my friends. I really want to help people and teens and kids with RA. Sometimes it's so hard! I mean, I have my bad days. like today I'm in a lot of pain,and I feel bad! today has been ok. just the cold! Now I'm making dinner and I'm getting my shopping list for tomorrow. :) I'll post later. I hope! bye for now :)

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