Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day.

So Christmas day was Great. :) So We Ate then Opened Gifts! I got a Kaka Poster! He's a Soccer Player :)My Fav :) and a Real Madrid Jersey! YAY! and Mirror,I Needed one :) and coat and A Down pillow,with love Perfume,Beatles Tee. It was GREAT! I got more then I needed! I loved it! God Blessed me So much! I can't even say how much! Then Helped Mom make Mash potatos. Yummy! Then Grandma's house With So much Family! My little Cousin's were Crazy! then more Family came over and I went to go rest in my Grandma's room,I felt like I was going pass out! Then my mom and Brothers and Cousin came to the room and we were talking about stuff and my RA.Then we opened the Gifts. I got So much! Slippers, Barcelet,A Nice Shirt and Spa day. Then ate again,then played Monopoly with my family and amost won! LOL! So then It was late and Said bye to my Cousin,I won't see hime for a while :( I'll Miss him. Then Home then bed!! I fell asleep fast. So today didn't do much,I feel weak because I drink Soda yesterday and I'm not suppose to! It makes my heart beat fast from one of my meds and then makes me Feel weak :( So I'm just resting now. it was a great Christmas! and this week more family!! YAY!! For New years. :) be back later :)

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