Monday, December 14, 2009

Amazing Family and Friends.

So I want to Thank My Family and my Friends,and You all who read this blog!
So here goes :)

My Mom,OMGH! What Can I say?? I love you SO much! and you Do SO SO much for me! and You Take care of me and I see how much pain it is for you to see me in Pain Like On friday,I was crying and You were to! I wish,I didn't have this But I do and You have always helped me go though this and let me be. And God Blessed me with you! You are my Best friend and you are always there for me! I love you and Thank you for being my Mom. and So much more :)
My Daddy, You Do SO much for me and I can't Thank you enough, thanks Daddy,You are always making me happy and are always there for and pushing me to not let my RA get to me, I love you SO MUCH! And So caring! And getting me Paco (my Dog) was So amazing! I love You! forever and always, I know I'm your little girl. Thanks my Being my Daddy. :)
My Brother Pat,I love you! You are my little Brother even though you are SO big! I love you! and always telling Me I'll get better. Thanks. I love you! and putting up with me. and Helping me with Paco. I love you!
My Brother Paul,I love you! My little cook, You always help me when I can't cook, And put up with me! and let me pick on you! LOL! :D You are the best. thanks for being my brother :)
My Cousin's I have to many to count! I love you ALL! My Family! You are SO amazing! I love all. My sisters and Brothers. You always care and Do so much for me. I love you ALL! And Thanks! :D :D!
My Grandparents,I love you ALL! You take care of me, And you listen to me and are just So great. :D I love you SO MUCH!
My Friends, OMGH! what Can I say! You all make me laugh when I'm Pain! not good LOL! And Know when I'm in pain and listen to me, SO So much! Your my Friends and Sisters. And Are always So caring. love y'all!
My RA friends,The one Bond we all have is RA! you all are my best friends, and Know what I'm going though,And care SO much! I love Y'all SO much!

I hoped,I thanked Everyone! but If I didn't, Thank YOU! SO MUCH!
Your amazing! I love you!
Thanks For reading! I love y'all!

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  1. Hi Pamela! Your attitude is so wonderful. I know it gets hard some days. Thanks for being so honest and sweet. Praying for you! Kelly :D


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