Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The 1st day of December!

So today is the 1st of December, means I made it though November! LoL! This month I had a blood Thing and coming off some meds cold turkey LOL! and Doctor's apps and a shot for when I was in pain! With my RA, and I made it though! sometimes I talk to Much about my RA but it's a daily thing and a life thing! I mean sometimes I whine about it! and then I get mad that ppl don't care I mean I was angry at the world and everyone Even God! I know I have said that already But I feel So bad for being mad at Him! he didn't do anything! , This blog has help me! Though all this! I mean, I have been looking at how I have been acting and thinking in a Negative way, like I can't go on anymore, or I should just give up! Now I put myself around positive and try to Act positive and think positive It's hard being in pain all day like today! But my mom keep Telling me you have to go on and it will be ok. So then I called my Doctor and I got two shots! DID they hurt! I couldn't walk! LOL! BUt I did! LOL! They Help me a bit! took the edge off. And them My Mom got me some Menudo, a Mexican soup! I love it! It's my fav! and then it was Cold and rainy and gross outside I didn't want to go out but I had to! Then I was home, Resting and laying down. My Daily life! I mean I'm not lazy, It's just when I'm in pain! I can't do anything! you RA People know what I mean, So many people have read this blog who have Ra and who don't! thank you! You are all amazing! My Mom is amazing! I'm always thanking her and Dad They say not to but They Do so much for! I mean, a lot making sure I seat making sure I have all my meds and the List Could on and on! I love them So much! next to my brothers and my Cousin's and everyone else in my family! they are my Life,I couldn't have gotten though this month or YEAR! with out them.They are my Support! I love them So much! And my Friends! they are all amazing! also asking me How I feel,How I am! and stuff! I love them all! My Brothers Make me laugh when I am In pain! And make me feel Normal I love them! So much,I'm always thanking them to And My Dog! I have to thank him! LOL! Paco You are Great! and my little Nurse! LOL! Thanks Month has been about Thanking People, and I think I thanked everyone! this December Start the C-mas Hoilday my FAV! next to my bithday my Half Birthday is the 9th! YAY! lol. 18 and a half! and the day I got diagnosed is coming up! one year! WOW! For some one who's hands hurt I can write a lot! LOL! going to bed now. good night! I feel ok. Thanks for reading :D

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