Saturday, November 28, 2009

Such a Long Weekend!

So I didn't write for the two days! I missed it! I have been So busy! With thanksgiving,Family,food,Shopping And RA! So Thursday,was Fun and crazy! We want to both grandma's House's. I saw So much family! And played some football with my Dad and brothers and little cousin's. I paid for it the next day! And then My Cousin Asked who wanted to go shopping with her! and I said me! So there we all where Her and my Dad and my Brother and ME! Standing in the cold at 3:00 in morning! Waiting for her Wii the line was So long! But we were kinda in the front. So many Cutters! And then the dorr opened and we all took off slow then started running! LOL! And she got her wii and I got my Snuggie! But I got stuck behind a '50 inch TV.Then she got hit in the face with the wii box as she was looking for me! And my dad was looking for us! It was Crazy out of the store in 15 mins! it wasn't even 5:30 yet! So then We went Home depot and my sweet Dad got my Mom a C-mas tree! it's pre-lit! tree and she loves that! LOL. then dropped off my cousin and went home! My Dad has to work so he dropped me and my brother off. The mom took me to old navy and got some stuff! and then more food at Grandma's But I was fine then I hit me! the pain and the stiffness and I was So mad! like I was fine! So then all nigh and today, I have been in pain and my Hives wanted to start I just keep takeing my Meds for that, it's my RA So My doctor say's I have to ask him again,but them They still don't know why I get them. But you know RA does stuff and they don't know why! LOL! So that was my thanksgiving! LOL! I forgot to put I have two brothers, Pat and Paul, all P's! LOL! Right Now I'm just here and on twitter and on Facebook. lol. You can add my on twiiterMy Name is UnstoppablePam. My Face book has family pics So I don't add anyone I only know online. :D Sorry!
I'm Sleepy, I think, I need a nap! in my Snuggie! I love it! Bye Be back latre! :D

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