Monday, November 30, 2009

Pain is Here!

So I'm naming this Post Pain is Here because Last night It was HERE!! OMGH! I was feeling kinda ok. But then is came on stonge! plus I ate to much this week, So my Tummy was acting up, oh Just what I need! LOL! I was in bed and Helping Mom and The Boys put out C-mas tree up, and running to the bathroom to! LOL. My back was killing! we put the tree up and It looked So nice! I have to take a pic and post it! LOL! This was all last night and Then My Team Real Madrid LOST! I was all down... Then I went to bed. And Woke up Feeling So much better! And it was cold all day, I was feeling great going to Whole foods to get some stuff and then going home then My Pain came! I was like it's here! It may sound odd but when you have a little time of being pain-free Your Like a Kid in a candy store! all happy! And Don't knwo what to do! It came because rain is coming tomorrow. eww... LOL! And Then My Brother Paul made dinner for Us. he loves to cook like Me :D LOL! My Mom Never cooks because We always push her out of the kitchen! LOL! even though She loves to cook also! And then I was resting.. and on twiiter and on facebook. I love them! Even though my back was hurting! LOL! And then laying down watching Tv for a while, And Now on here writeing about me :D HAHA! LOL. I felt Sad because I'm such a huge a fan Of Nick Jonas, and he posted his tour dates on twitter and he's not coming here! and I haven't seened him live. I felt sad then I got a DM (Direct Message) from Kelly @RAwarrior Who's Amazing! and So sweet! Who's become a good friend of mine and my Mom. :D and that on her Blog You have to read it! She's going to post a story about me on there! COOL! I was So happy when She asked me! :D YAY! LOL!she's going to post it Tomorrow! AWESOME! :D So That's tomorrow and All my twitter friends can't wait to see it! Now getting ready for bed. It's warm in here. I love it! even though it may snow on FRIDAY! YAY! Snow is South Texas! YAY! I'm going to bed now. Good night! :) I feel So Sleepy!

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