Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pain be gone!

So much Pain today! I mean a lot everywhere plus it's cold today! Texas you are always Hot! what's up?!?! LOL! Out again getting ready for the big day! Thanksgiving! LOL! tomorrow is going to ,be nuts! LOL! I can't make dinner and I love to do that! Because if all the pain. Be back later! Back watching TV and Relaxing! LOL! I feel a lot better. It's Odd. How I get swollen So fast! My Hands are swollen SO much! I like Blogging everyday it's FUN! I just don't want to bore you! I'm 18,I live In Texas,I love Cooking! So much It's my life! I love Soccer! I use to play when I was little but now no more! LOL! I'm a Real Madrid nut! And I love Shopping and watching tv. Lol and Jonas Brothers! I love them! they are amazeing singers the best band and I'm a Christian! I love God! So much he has been there for me So much. I must Say At one time I was Mad at him. I was Like all the girls in the world and you picked me! All my life I wanted to be this Big time chef Bigger then Ramsey! that was my goal but Now I'm taking some time to get better then Think about maybe still Becoming that! LOL! But Now I Know, God knows I could Deal with it and handled it. I am Now. :D I think that's on that must to know about me! :D LOL! and I love Twitter! LOL!
Going to rest, later! Pam

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